Social Media Recruiting Done Right: Spotify Jobs

Many companies don’t know how to handle social media, especially not when it comes to recruitment, but Spotify does. The Swedish music streaming service hosted a Q&A session on their @SpotifyJobs twitter account yesterday where they answered questions and showed the competition how to carry out a successful social media strategy.


@spotifyjobs – Join the band!

Keeping a separate account for job recruitment makes sense as the general public is not going to be interested in a jobs Q&A. Having a dedicated job recruitment twitter account allows for direct and focused communication with potential recruits. The Twitter account allows Spotify to both broadcast their message, in this case job openings, and interaction with the followers, many whom no doubt wish to become future Spotify employees.

@Spotifyjobs Q&A Annoucement

@Spotifyjobs Q&A Annoucement

Announcing the Q&A session on the main @Spotify account is likely to drive more traffic to the Q&A as the main account has over 400,000 followers on Twitter. I also found the Q&A session via the main account, even though I missed the actual Q&A as I saw it too late, due to a university deadline. Needles to say I tweeted them and lo and behold, a reply! Proper social media management! Always make sure to reply to tweets as it makes the users feel special, everyone loves attention!

@Spotifyjobs reply

@Spotifyjobs replies to my tweet.

As you can see it is an informative and personalized reply, the 140 characters lends itself to short, informative replies. The personalization of the tweet shows that it isn’t just copy-pasted or an automated replies, which is something I and many others dislike. The guys in charge of the social media efforts over at Spotify know what they are doing.

@Spotifyjobs answers questions

@Spotifyjobs answers questions

@Sashank_NYC asks quite broad question and @Spotifyjobs replies encouragingly but vaguely, it is clear that the manager wants the potential hires to actively look around the jobs page. If nothing else it is a great way to weed out the lazy potential hires. Spotify is bound to be swamped with job applications and if there are many too that aren’t qualified. That is time wasted for everyone.

@Spotifyjobs answers questions again

@Spotifyjobs answers questions again

An excellent, yet short answer that left @StephieBee in, what appears to be, a rather happy mood. The answer brings some hope for the user if nothing else. I wish her the best of luck in applying for a job at Spotify.

@Spotifyjobs answers questions

@Spotifyjobs answers questions

@Gogzs gets a personalized reply that is sure to make him happy! From what I’ve heard there is a shortage of software engineers in Stockholm right now so it makes sense for a company like Spotify to recruit outside Sweden. Since the product is in English and they deal with such an international product as music it make sense to keep the “official language” English.

These are just some examples of the Q&A tweets but they do illustrate how a corporation, who currently has 90 vacancies advertised on their site, should use social media to their advantage. Twitter is the best choice for interactions such as these as it requires little effort for everyone involved. The users feel a lot less commitment when tweeting or following an account on Twitter than they do liking a page on Facebook. It is also easier to manage a Twitter account as messages are short, clear and easier to get an overview of than Facebook posts.

I believe Spotify’s social media efforts within recruiting can be seen as best practice. Other companies would benefit from following their example. It does require that they have an established social media presence already as it would be hard to generate enough traffic and questions without it. And for the love of god, have someone who has actual knowledge answer the questions and manage the account. Don’t make the newly hired intern who knows nothing about the company or social media do it. Spotify had their global recruiting manager conduct the Q&A session, excellent choice and I can only tip my hat and say: Well done Jenny!


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