Podcast 1: DDoS’ing in Esports & Dota 2

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My very first podcast thing! I ramble on about DDoS’ing in Esports and Dota 2. What talk about mitigation and that the mentality towards protecting yourself as a professional Esports player needs to change. Security first and all that.

I know the production value is not top notch but it is a first attempt and I am still tinkering with the setup. In my defence I did record it about three times, with slightly different content.

Check out the podcast HERE or via the widget below

Sites discussed:
Destiny: Protection from DDoS Attacks
How to prevent being DDoSed (Small guide)
QPAD vs Dignitas, more DDOSing in this game too.

Since the recording, the following post as also appeared: Aui_2000 compromised via Steam

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