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Most people I know have a LinkedIn account these days, especially if they have a university degree or work in a knowledge worker environment. However, I have recently found a glaring problem with LinkedIn, at least in Sweden. The job recommendations suck. Plain and simple. I don’t expect their recommendation engine to be perfect but the current algorithm is quite embarrassing.

Let me begin by talking about myself, so you can get an idea how insane some of the recommendations are. I am just finishing my MSc in Business Administration (Information & Knowledge Management specialization) at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. I have already returned to Stockholm, Sweden but I am not quite finished with my master thesis yet.  I am writing about Enterprise System (ES / ERP) implementations. Prior to my Master in Amsterdam I got a Bachelor degree in Business & Economics from Uppsala University. And I worked in an accounting department during the last couple of summers, except this summer as I was busy with my thesis.

I cannot code to save my life and while I considering myself knowledgeable about business and enterprise systems, knowledge management and such I do not fancy myself anything but a recent graduate with junior-ish qualifications. Anything else would be quite absurd – with some exceptions.

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The kinds of jobs LinkedIn says it recommends for me are quite beyond my qualifications. Senior IT consultant, CTO and some hilarious, probably a scam, ‘Business Coach’ job. Let’s begin with the Senior IT consultant.

Linkedin Sr Consultant Qliktech

LinkedIn Sr Consultant Qliktech

While I am very interested in this kind of work, I am not by any stretch of the imagination a candidate for a technical position. I do not know how to code, or at least not enough to be of use for any corporate work. Nor am I suited for a senior position. The years in job listings are always over the top but I am still at the very least 3-5 years off calling myself anything close to a senior consultant, or senior anything else. For that matter.

Next up: CTO

LinkedIn CTO Sonoport

LinkedIn CTO Sonoport

This posting is not even located in Stockholm. But once again, entirely off compared to my background. I am not in a position to take up a CTO role. I am just not well versed enough in any technical aspects.  I can administer a Linux server well enough for my own needs but not well enough to call myself a professional sysadmin. I am just a happy amateur.

And the last one, Emyth business coach.

Linkedin EMyth Business Coach 1

Linkedin EMyth Business Coach 2

LinkedIn EMyth Business Coach

This one is amusing. It feels like a scam to me, pay to join our bullshit courses and make a stack load of money. Yea right.  Not really anything in my profile suggesting that this would be a good fit either. I can’t say I am terribly impressed with this one either, shouldn’t even be allowed on LinkedIn in my opinion. Leave the pyramid schemes to the gullible people who want believe everything they read. Speaking of which, I got an email from a Nigerian prince saying I inherited $2 million. That is legit right?

Let’s be clear, LinkedIn is supposed to be great at matching potential employees with employment opportunities, it is not especially good in my experience. There are probably many reasons for this, one could be that their algorithm is not good enough. Or that there simply aren’t enough job listings in the Stockholm area right now.

I hope, for LinkedIn’s sake, that it is the latter. For my sake, well I hope that I will find a job but in the mean time I have to finish my thesis. Transcribing interviews is probably among the least fun tasks you undertake.

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One thought on “LinkedIn is Terrible at Job Recommendations

  1. Is LinkedIn wildly popular in Sweden? The biggest problem I have with LinkedIn is that it is so static in the experiences that I accomplished. Not only that, the endorsement of skills cheapens every time someone I have never worked with recommends me for something. What is being done about this situation and how hard is it to find qualified talent in Sweden?

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