Consolidating Websites & Servers

I have decided to consolidate my websites onto one server and two primary websites. i have previously kept this dedicated server (hosting,, hades.* and a few other things) and a VPS from Linode (hosting IRC Bouncer,,, etc).

In order to increase maintainability and ease of use I decided to actually consolidate everything onto this server. For now I am scrapping (redirecting to and, redirecting to the youtube page.
Keeping a $20 VPS made little sense, apart from the usefulness of being able to view BBC iPlayer at times. This server is a significantly more powerful server and the cost of €42 is quite significant to me at this point. Being a student and all.

I was not pleased with the ‘web-cv’ I had up at Rather I will focus on redirecting such inquires to, where I will keep a more up to date CV, in both Swedish and English.

Additionally I am planning on actually sorting out the mailing list here. I quite like the setup I got over at so I am thinking of bring it over, with tweaks, to  I also need to properly sort out the content for, with the about page and such being the most in need of actual content.


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