Investment Portfolio #1 – State of Affairs

This is the first instalment of my investment portfolio series (Hopefully?). I aim to publish my investments and my reasoning behind them. The investments will be listed by name and percentage of total assets and percentage change but not by actual value, to protect my privacy somewhat. I have no fortune by any means so don’t get all excited ;).

The first post will mostly be an overview on my current investments.

Note: Some of the assets lack Change %, these investment are rather old and I do not have the initial valuation readily available (Thanks Handelsbanken…). I am very long term in my investments and do not have any plans to move away from the stock market in the short to medium future, though some of the individuals shares are likely to change.

NameSymbol% of totalChange %
ABB LTDABB6.99%25.27%
VOLVO BVOLV-B1.22%-16.78%
Handelsbanken Sverigefond-37.70%92.69%

My investments primarily consists of Swedish industrial giants, with banks taking up a SIGNIFICANT portion of my investments. This has been good to me over the years but I am very exposed to the financial sector. It should be noted that my Handelsbanken Sverigefond also is heavily invested in the banks, as they are a big part of OMXS. Below are the top ten stocks in said fund.

Handelsbanken Sverigefond 
Hennes & Mauritz AB Class B9,7%
Nordea Bank AB7,4%
LM Ericsson Telephone Company Class B5,9%
Atlas Copco AB Class A5,0%
Svenska Handelsbanken Class A4,2%
TeliaSonera AB4,2%
Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken AB Class A4,1%
Swedbank AB Class A4,0%
Investor AB3,8%
Volvo Group3,3%

I am currently in the process of evaluating my investments, I am definitely looking to divest from the Sverigefond as it closely match index, yet charge 1.4% fee. This year it has been good to me, it has earned it’s fee compared to index. Another investment opportunity I am researching is investing in my employer, H&M. I think it is a pretty good idea to at least put some money into the company you work at. However, to account for risk, you probably should have significantly more money in other assets than your employer.

Earlier in the year I sold off most of my shares in Sandvik and Volvo as well as some in Lundin Petroleum, all three were good choices as the stock prices has been unfavourable since.  To date, Africa Oil are among my least successful investments but in the long term I remain positive to the company’s future prospects. Oil prospecting is risky and they are hurt by the political landscape in sub-Saharan Africa and the low oil price.

I am happy to get any and all feedback on my investments and suggestions for improvements to the portfolio. I also have another fund that I didn’t have the opportunity to publish here but it will be included in the next post.

– P

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