This page is about me, or something. My name is Patrik Lönnström and this is my blog. I am a tech fanatic who recently returned to Stockholm from Amsterdam.

I am a SAP Application Expert at H&M.


Who am I?
Name: Patrik Lönnström
Age: 27
Location: Stockholm, Sweden.
Occupation: SAP Application Expert at H&M. Working on a global roll out of SAP. Primarily SAP FI/CO. Former IT Trainee at H&M.
Education:   MSc Business Administration, Information and Knowledge Management Specialization at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (VU University Amsterdam).

Email: Patrik[at]pathy.se
Twitter: @Chronoo
Facebook: Patrik.Lonnstrom
LinkedIn: Lonnstrom

2 thoughts on “About

  1. MTGx - Internal Digital 'Startup' at MTG | Patrik's Blog Thingy

  2. Hi Patrik,

    Found your blog via Google, and really dig the content. For the purposes of disclosure: I’m the PR manager of MTGx, so I came here looking for things people had written about MTGx. We’re doing quite a lot of things with the start-up space and innovation, so we apprecaite people taking interest.



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