Master Thesis: The Relativity of Enterprise Systems Implementation Success

I have finished my master thesis, titled The Relativity of Enterprise Systems Implementation Success. The thesis studies an ERP implementation after go-live. I am finally done with a month to spare before starting my new job as IT-Trainee at H&M. Which is going to be very exciting, the job will involve rolling out H&M’s new ERP system globally.

Master thesis

Below is a link to the final version of the thesis. I have also included the abstract below. The thesis is available as a pdf here ( or click the image below) or at the VU Library’s website.

The Relativity of Enterprise Systems Implementation Success

The Relativity of Enterprise Systems Implementation Success

Thesis abstract

Enterprise system (ES) implementations have been researched extensively throughout the years as it is something almost all organizations have to go through, and the implementations are often failures. This study aims to expand the knowledge on the perceived success of an ES implementation in the later stages of the implementation process. The study conducts a case study in the onward and upward phase of an ES Implementation at a Dutch university and use a case study from the shakedown phase in the same organization to analyse the success perspectives theory. The study aims to verify the theory by conducting a longitudinal study.

Theory states that there are five different success perspectives: management, project, user, correspondence and system success that influence the perceived success of the ES implementation. The study puts forward a set of propositions based on the Critical Success Factors that influence the perceived success for each perspective.

The study contributes to theory by verifying the theoretical findings of prior research. The case study shows that all five success perspectives are important in the onward and upward phase but that there may be a difference in their relative importance. Management success appears to have a lesser impact on the decisions taken by the organization then the other success perspectives. Lastly, contrary to theory, project success appears to be important in the later stages of the implementation.

Future research should include a truly longitudinal study that is carried out from the chartering phase until the onward and upward phase. Additionally, studies should be carried out in several different organizations, in order to gain as much generalizability as possible.


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Learning Python: FizzBuzz Interview Question

Recently I have wanted to take up learning Python (and programming in general) again.  As I am currently job hunting,  I figured a fun and relatively simple project to start out again would be to solve the reasonably common interview question “FizzBuzz”.  Naturally I don’t expect to be asked said question as I am not a developer but it is fun to learn regardless. The question is as follows, and is based on a children’s game.

“Write a program that prints the numbers from 1 to 100. But for multiples of three print “Fizz” instead of the number and for the multiples of five print “Buzz”. For numbers which are multiples of both three and five print “FizzBuzz”.”

The challenge is quite straight forward, but not necessarily easy to do on a white board during an interview, with stress and all that.  I have two “solutions” to the problem below, both are quite dirty and quick but they work.  I must admit to not solving them entirely by myself, especially not the second one as I learned a new function there. The primary reason for not getting #1 right initially is that the syntax of python changed between version 2.x (which I used previously) and 3.x (Which currently have installed). I could not figure out why it gave me syntax error on Print ‘bleh’ in 3.x.  Regardless, below is my initial dirty attempt, it is very simple but reasonably effective. This is how I would solve in, or something along those lines, if I were to work without the help of the internet.

As you can see it uses a simple if/else script and add a count each time it goes through one of the if statements. Inefficient use of space but it works and is a half decent first attempt I guess.

My second attempt is more sophisticated, it uses the range/xrange function of python, and I admittedly more or less… stole/borrowed it off StackExchange.  I hadn’t heard of that function previously so already I did learn something new.

Once again, the code is hardly efficient but it is a start and slightly less messy than the first attempt. Python is a rather nice language to learn as it, seems to me, rather straight forward compared to other languages.  Time permitting I will attempt to read a novice level of proficiency. It is useful to be able to at least hack together some dirty code when in need.  If nothing else it enables me to automate some tasks I otherwise would have to do by hand. I am also keen on learning a bit more SQL, which would be immensely useful going forward.

Not to mention, being proficient at programming is a big boon in today’s job market. I am FAR off being comfortable with python or programming in general but it is a step in the right direction.


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Consolidating Websites & Servers

I have decided to consolidate my websites onto one server and two primary websites. i have previously kept this dedicated server (hosting,, hades.* and a few other things) and a VPS from Linode (hosting IRC Bouncer,,, etc).

In order to increase maintainability and ease of use I decided to actually consolidate everything onto this server. For now I am scrapping (redirecting to and, redirecting to the youtube page.
Keeping a $20 VPS made little sense, apart from the usefulness of being able to view BBC iPlayer at times. This server is a significantly more powerful server and the cost of €42 is quite significant to me at this point. Being a student and all.

I was not pleased with the ‘web-cv’ I had up at Rather I will focus on redirecting such inquires to, where I will keep a more up to date CV, in both Swedish and English.

Additionally I am planning on actually sorting out the mailing list here. I quite like the setup I got over at so I am thinking of bring it over, with tweaks, to  I also need to properly sort out the content for, with the about page and such being the most in need of actual content.