BCG’s Strategy for Sweden

BCG (Boston Consulting Group) held a seminar at the Stockholm School of Economics on their National Strategy for Sweden report. The seminar was held yesterday (25th November) and the recording was uploaded to Youtube just afterwards. The first half of the seminar consists of Johan Öberg, BCG Managing Partner) presenting their report and the second half is a panel discussing the report and issues surrounding it.  The panel  includes Laurent Leksell (Chairman of Elekta), Gustav Radell (Country Marketing Manager, Google), Ulrika Steg (Head of Mobility Services Sweden, TeliaSonera) and Johan Öberg. A reasonably diverse panel with high focus on technology and innovation.

The video is well worth a watch, I have embedded it below, start at 11 minutes into the presentation when Öberg starts talking about Sweden’s specific situation.

Big props to BCG for publishing the video and hosting the seminar. The seminar was (apparently) broadcast live and they encouraged the use of Twitter to ask questions via the hashtag #BCGSFS and discuss the seminar. Very social, as one expects it to be done these days. 🙂

I think Sweden will face some very tough decisions in the future and if we are not acting pro actively it will be hard to maintain the lifestyle we have today.


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