Bloomberg’s Dynamic Top 100 Billionaires Visualisation

Bloomberg has published a dynamic visualisation of the 100 richest in the world and it is very clever. The net worth is calculated at the end of each business day and is mostly based on stock prices, see full methodology.

Bloomberg billionaires

Bloomberg top 20 billionaires

Just having a dynamic list is cool but the visualisation is nothing short of amazing with lots of possibilities to sort after industry, location, gender, ages and so forth. In addition to that, each of the billionaires’ profiles contain information about their business and trivia – or intelligence.

Bloomberg Billionaires Stefan Persson

Bloomberg Billionaires Stefan Persson

The visualisation allows for interesting plotting, that reminds me of Hans Rosling‘s amazing Gapminder project, and allows for interesting comparisons, that are otherwise hard for laypersons to find and make sense of.

Billionaires aires plotted by percent of cash assets

Billionaires plotted by Net worth and percent of cash assets.

Needless to say, the site is great for those of us who are curious just how the rich made their money and various trivia about them – Gossip is always fun.

A commenter in Hacker News discussion on the site made a very interesting remark: Of those that are under 50 and did not inherit their fortune, all but five are from former Soviet Union countries and directly benefited from its fall. The five that did that didn’t are all in the IT-Industry. Dell, Bezos, Zuckerberg, Brin, and Page.

I initially didn’t realize that the list is dynamic, rather thought it was one of the Forbes styled once a year lists but the splendid layout and the fact that it does dynamically update based on stock price and such makes it much more amazing.

Have a look, it is tons of fun to read up on your favourite celebs! Did you know that until 1999 no photo of Amancio Ortega had been published, except for an old national ID? Now you do.


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